Best guess on age?

Hello. First time posting. Bought this cuff on eBay because I really liked it and it’s a little unusual. Sold as our favorite “Fred Harvey era”…. Marked sterling so I’m thinking after 1950 no makers mark. Definitely Fred Harvey style but 50grams and has triangle wire instead of the typical flat band. Any ideas?


I’m not much help on figuring out the age of a piece, but wanted to say welcome to Turquoise People, and I love your cuff!

I only have one Fred Harvey era cuff that I bought at a good ABQ store that sold antique Native American art. The owner told me mine is from the '20s-'30s, but it would be little help to you, because the construction of it is very different. Only thing I can add is that mine has no markings, not even sterling. But I’m betting that there will be members on here that can help you.

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