Best way to restore patina?

What is the best way to restore patina? I have a shadow box ring that I recently acquired that was actually caked with filth and dirt. Some of the darkened patina in the shadow box area was removed when I was trying to get out the filth. What is the best way to restore this? I have read about different methods online, but I would like to know what seems to give the best results.

Many of my friends use liver of Sulphur to add patina to the silver jewelry they make.
They say it is the easiest and best thing to use, especially if there are stones in the jewelry.

Plain old Clorox bleach works. Just be careful not to allow the bleach or other oxidizer to come in contact with stones, use proper protective gear, and rinse thoroughly with water when finished.

Best to test a small patch on the back of the piece first.

Both suggestions are great. Liver of sulfur will darken in stages ranging through browns to black to a purple hue. Clorox will turn silver more of a grey. sometimes grey is a better match. Timing is everything with both products. Watch the results. when you have reached the color you want rinse with lots of water and dry. REMEMBER fresh liver of sulfur jobs will tarnish you other silver jewelry if it is boxed together too quickly. If chemicals are not your thing you can put your article in a Tupperware container with a crushed boiled egg. That works but the results can be splotchy. The harder the boiled egg the better. Some time ago I posted in this section samples of patina I achieved with the various was of coloring. Kyle