Bezeling question

I am trying to learn more about the origin and timeframe for this necklace. I bought it at auction more than 10 years ago and was told at that time that it was ca. 1930s.


Welcome to the forum. Was it represented to you as being Native American? If so, I’d pretty rapidly discard that.
The bezeling seems generic, as in not associated with an era (or a tribe). My impression is that it’s an individual artisan’s work, and not Native. It’s not old. Pretty stones.

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Yes it is a good looking necklace. This style is more contemporary. Looks like you might have Morenci turquoise.

Thanks, Jason, for responding. I appreciate the info.

Thanks for your response. It was not represented as NA so, fortunately, I wasn’t scammed. I was secretly hoping this might be some sort of holy grail, sought-after-for-decades piece that would fund my retirement.

My imagination does go rogue sometimes.

Thanks, again, for your response.


I think we all share in your dream! :star_struck: