Big 57g ball of turquoise

I came across this big ball of turquoise fairly recently. Someone drilled it and put some type of cord through it to make a necklace. I bought it for the stone and it was even bigger than the description. The weight is 57 grams and the circumference around the middle is 4”. It is approximately 1 1/4” wide and 1 1/2” long.

It is not completely round. It has planes, angles and slight indentations. There is a chip on one end by the drilled hole. I have tried to show details in the pictures.
I’m interested in determining the type of turquoise if possible as well as an idea of value. Still trying to decide if it will become jewelry or home decor. Thanks for the help!

We use to get some big beads like this, don’t see that now that turquoise has gone up in cost. Ours usually were from China, but this could be Kingman. Turquoise when it is cabbed is sold by carat weight, this is 260 carats. It is not cabbed but gives us an idea, lets say 25 cents a carat gives you a $65 dollar stone. This is a link to someone who sells turquoise beads with prices,

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Thanks. Is it a piece worth cabbing? If not, I’ll have an old hippie moment and wear it on leather.
On another note, I recently got a carved Indian head bolo with what I think it the TT Trading hallmark. I’ll post it soon and see if you think so.

I would keep it as that big ball of turquoise. You cab it and you never know what is going to happen. How it looks, getting someone to make something, just is easier to keep it and have that old hippie moment.

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Thanks. I like the feel of it the way it is so I’ll just string it as is. I found a nice chunk of dinosaur bone at an estate sale that Daddy wants to cut so I’ll let him do something with that instead. Maybe he will make us each a bolo.