Big ol’ 71 lb rock with turquoise? Friend wants to know ID and value

I told a someone I would ask you guys if this has any value other than for landscaping. I don’t know much, except that she got it in NM years ago. She is hoping to sell it. I’m not going to even tell you the amount she has in mind. I’m pretty sure she is way off! …but then, what do I know!?!

Thanks for looking! Even a rough estimate would be appreciated.


Wow! That’s amazing…does she know where in NM it’s from? Any story on how she got it and it’s origins would be helpful in figuring out more about it’s worth. There is a Turquoise museum that I think BigBree has posted on here that might be interested in a piece like this as well as knowledge and able to identify it’s type and worth. Very cool :sunglasses:


@koliopee, I can try to find out more later in the week. I don’t know her that well.

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The mine it comes from would have to be determined to know the value. Or at least whether it’s high grade or low grade. Huge difference in price.