Big Turquoise Necklace Help Please! Rain Clouds Mark

Hi everyone I have a big turquoise necklace that I believe may be Bisbee? not sure…it has what looks to me like three rain clouds for the makers mark and sterling below that…I have been trying to find a matching cap for it for close to 4 years to have it repaired…I think I may never find a match…when I bought the piece it the old gal that had it said it was Navajo…Im thinking maybe zuni because of the mark…any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

keep checking does anyone have any ideas on this

Did you ever find the maker? I’m looking for the same info. Thanks!
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I believe these marks tend to be decorative stamps, not hallmarks.

I can’t imagine the 3 rain clouds are decorative. They are so small, just above the “sterling” stamp. They almost have to be a hallmark. Here are a few more. Someone must know the artist!

I would agree with Bigbree on this being decorative. The number of different necklaces helps make the case with the styles being so diverse.

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I wouldn’t call this Bisbee. Bisbee Turquoises is mostly known for it’s blue blue color. The silver bead you are looking to replace is a common import trade item. It’s possible you may have both end cone beads replaced if you want them to match perfectly.

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Thunderbird Jewelry Supply carries very inexpensive sterling findings for this exact type of project. Search for “sterling cone” on their site.