Bisbee Bob two stone morenci turquoise ring 4 sale

Good afternoon I have a size 8 to 8 1/2 two stone morenci turquoise and Sterling ring for sale. The ring has the stamp of Bisbee Bob as seen below in the picture of the back of the piece. I am asking $400 for the ring please let me know if your interested and what your offering and maybe we can negotiate a deal. Thanks and have a nice day!


Do you still have this ring for sale ?

Yes I do still have This ring for sale. Are you interested?


I am. Do you know around what period it was made. ? 70s I’m guessing?

Yes this ring was acquired by one of my wife’s family members in the middle 1970s straight from Bisbee Bob aka Robert Bradbury himself.


Bisbee Bob was quite a character and helped develop interest in Bisbee turquoise. The mine owners weren’t interested in turquoise, and Bob met with miners in the bars after work and bought their “lunch Box” turquoise. He has a small store in town where he sold it. He was eventually jailed for his activities, and the jewelry in his store all disappeared and nobody knows what happened to it.
I have a Bisbee Bob belt buckle
Are you sure that your ring isn’t Bisbee turquoise?

I have no idea really……I sold it to a lady in Maine.