Bisbee Collection

I purchased all of the rough and cabs in Bisbee and Sierra Vista, AZ. The vintage pieces I found at flea markets. Good grade Bisbee is hard to acquire, so I feel like I am investing when I purchase some. I have other pieces I believe might be Bisbee, but the ones pictured here have either the classic Smokey or classic chocolate matrix. These are a mix of natural and stabilized.


What a nice collection. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much!!!:two_hearts:

You have a great eye for quality.

Thanks for sharing - it’s so helpful for those of us who are trying to learn about turquoise and might not have access to some of the good stuff. Yet… :wink:

Those are great, thanks for sharing.

It’s my favorite rock too. I’ll have to assemble my Bisbee’s (& those sold to me as Bisbee) Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing these! I love matrix in turquoise, I don’t own any Bisbee but I love it!

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Jeez, you’re sittin on Mt. Bisbee over there!! :drooling_face: