Bisbee in quartz large specimen

Curious on anyone thoughts on the value of this bisbee in quartz soecimen.
Untreated natural 7inch long vein of blue in quartz with smokey and clear terminated.quartz points in the vein. Its about the size of a size 10 men’s boot and the turquoise is hard. Only place I’ve seen anything remotely close is the bisbee museum… any thoughts please?! Thanks in advance!

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WOW! It would make an interesting ring if you didn’t want to move your hand…

Beautiful color, maybe send a picture to and see what they think.

Thanks for posting! This is so nice to see In its natural form. I am here to admire and also look forward to any additional information.

Hi, thanks for posting here. I admired this piece when you posted on the FB Turquoise group.

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It’s natural form always amazes me especially when its formed after a different natural item


Lol yeah it might hold you back a lil bit.