Bisbee ring?

Came across this ring a while back and think it’s Bisbee. It’s a thick heavy ring and it’s hallmarked CLBZ. Top is 7/8” by 1/2” by 3/8” thick.
Can anyone confirm that it’s Bisbee and give me an approximate value?
Thanks for your help.

Found the hallmark. Mitchell Calabaza, Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, New Mexico. Would still like an opinion about the turquoise. Thanks.

The color looks right to be Bisbee, but it’s a little hard to tell from these pictures. Could you please show us a photo in outdoor lighting? I ask because the matrix looks like it might have iron pyrite or some other metal in the matrix. Bisbee has a specific matrix and I think the presence of a metal ore would make this a different turquoise.

Yes my indoor lighting at night is not the best. I took a variety in hopes that one will show you what you need to know. Thanks for your help.

Okay, so it was just the lighting. No pyrite in the matrix. I think it has all the right qualities. I’m gonna say it has the right look of Bisbee, but I will wait to see what Jason has to say. It has really pretty matrix, in my opinion.

Great! That’s exciting news. I hope Jason agrees.
On another topic, I posted a set of several pieces that I had put together over the years. One was sold as Pilot Mountain and the others I wasn’t told. I’m not sure they are all the same mine. Could you please take a look and tell me what you think? I posted it the same night I put this ring up. Thanks so much.

Bisbee has a very distinctive matrix color. This is a beautiful stone and good turquoise. I don’t think of it as a piece of Bisbee. It seems I have seen Candelaria and Tyrone that look very close to this. However, it is always very difficult to tell from a picture the true color of a rock.

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Thanks for your help. It is always nice to get the opinion of someone so good at identifying which mine the turquoise might be from.