Blue Gem Turquoise Buckle?

I’m considering purchasing this buckle. Seller believes the stones are Blue Gem Turquoise, would you agree? Seller want’s about $400? Does that seem fair?
The buckle weighs 93.7 grams. It measures 3 3/4" wide by 2 1/2" high. It will fit up to a 2" belt.


Could possibly be Blue Gem. The piece does have some age and the stone looks American. Always has a strong Fox Turquoise look. It is a big buckle and has a really good weight. If you like it and feel like you are going to wear it $400 sounds good. If it was a new piece made with those stones you wouldn’t be able to find it for that price.


Thanks Jason, I do like some age to the pieces I get and I do plan to rotate it with the 2 buckles I currently have. The stones are what caught my eye in the first place.

Gorgeous stones. They look like blue diamond turquoise to me. Really nicely matched too.

Thank you Mia, I’m looking forward to having it in my hand and on my waist.

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Bought the buckle. Here are pictures I took. The picture of me wearing the buckle, to me, seems to best represent the color.


I’m glad you got it. It’s a nice looking buckle!