Bolo by Roy Vandever

Not a scratch on it. Simplistic yet articulate. It’s 2-3/4" tall and 1-3/4" wide and weighs 47g. The dangles are 2-3/8" long. Roy Vandever was the uncle of Esther Vandever Wood who made one of the nicest pieces I own. I’ll put a link to that after the pictures.


I love these simple, beautiful pieces! And I definitely remember that “not simple” stunning Kachina necklace by Esther Wood. You find some nice things.


Uploading: 15752360998838959754236022605907.jpg… This is a Herman Vandever piece I have, the turquoise stone snagged me at first!

The back! Talented family!

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Only the pic of the back made it.

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That’s because technology isn’t my thing!! I hope every picture doesn’t show😜 anyway, here it is!


Lol, don’t worry about it, It took me a while to figure it all out too. :pleading_face: :flushed: :scream: That is a beautiful stone! I can’t recall ever seeing a double border of file work like that, one nested in the other. Nice piece.

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