Bolo ties in turqoise and silver

Can anyone tell me the artist a basic value? These were given to me from my dad.

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From your dad, priceless! Sorry I can’tell help with the hallmarks. Very nice bolos.

I couldn’t find anything on the hallmarks. We get a similar eagle dancer from Eugene Chee and it sells around $300. Yours looks a little bigger and has a few more turquoise stones. We also get similar eagle inlay bolos, would put this $250 - $300. Hope that helps.

Here are the other three I have.

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Wow, all of them are beautiful!! I would think the Eagle Dancer and Kachina NAVAJO, the other 3 Zuni. If you are interested in the artists, could you please put up missing pictures from the back side? Thanks for sharing!

The sunburst says Delwin Gasper Zuni 79, the oval turquoise color one says LH Sterling.

The small dancer just says sterling. I am also curious on how to display them since my dad loved these and wore them when he was going to his club meetings with The Westerners, The Death Valley 49ers and all the “old man” clubs he belonged to. His words, not mine🙂.