Bought in Salida CO. Real Turquoise ? Unstablized? Thanks All

My lovely wife of 23 years purchased this in Salida Colorado when visiting family. She is curious about the stones, the large one looks very soft, unstable look. The earrings in the set I hope are real Turquoise. If it is not, best to know so she can wear it at work, etc. She would love a idea of type if possible, & real. Your time is always appreciated. Thanks all.

Colorado is a mineral rich state with turquoise. Mines like Villa Grove and King Manassa are probably the two most notable. The metal work doesn’t look Native American. I would believe the big stone and earring stones are pieces of real turquoise, which mine I do not know. Also, lots of the turquoise dealers we see come through Gallup are from Colorado.

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Thanks Jason. Anglo yes, local. I appreciate it, my wife was concerned parts of it might no be genuine turquoise. You put her mind at ease. As always, your expertise is appriciated.:+1: