Bracelet over 30 years old NO HALLMARK!

Here is another bracelet my mom gave me before she passed. I grew up in Arizona and I have fond memories of borrowing all her jewelry in the 80ā€™s and was so grateful to get them. Trying to get some history but this one has no hallmark. There is alot of wear so wondering if it got worn off. Hoping to get any clues, thanks.

This is a nice bracelet. It is classic Navajo work from the 1970s - 80s. The stones look to be pieces of Morenci Turquoise. It will be very difficult to find an artist name, due to no hallmark and lots of people are making jewelry at this time. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Jason for the info. I love to wear it because it is so comfortable. I always worry that Iā€™m going to ruin it somehow. I am grateful for this site. I am learning so much from all the people that have shared their information. :slight_smile:

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