Bracelet without hallmark looks like Harry B Yazzie's design

I bought this cuff a few years ago at a local high end Jewelry store from their estate section. There was no hallmark or info with it and it didn’t cost alot (maybe $60 but they are having a big sale). They said it was sterling and turquoise and I trust they would not lie about that. Anyway today I ran across a cuff by Harry B Yazzie (HBY) that is drop dead identical. Here is the link.

Googling this maker shows a lot of the same design with different stones etc. but all look very new to market while mine looks older (has more patina). Here is mine.

Any thoughts. Or any info on who Harry B Yazzie is? Thanks

It is not uncommon for an artist to make the same style over and over, it helps us identify the work. I am not sure he is making jewelry any longer, he would be mid 60s. Seems like I remember him for his slave bracelets.

Thanks. Maybe it is an earlier output of his before he started using a hallmark. They are certainly very similar except for stone shape. I am in the process of cataloging my jewelry and trying to get something written down for each of them: the artist (if possible) or likely artist with research on why I think so, where I got it etc.