Hi, I am new to the turquoise world. I bought this bracelet and would love to know more. The signature is “D.P.” Or possibly “B. P.” The bracelet also seems to be bent to be smaller. What would be the safest way to reshape it? Thank you in advance for all of your help and knowledge!

I looked in the easy places, Hougart’s and Wright’s hallmark books, and didn’t find anything. You might have a mystery on that mark. The stone looks like a nice big piece of Kingman Turquoise. Silver is a soft metal, if you are able to get the bracelet on and start wearing the piece it will shape to your wrist. Hope this helps. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Jason, thank you very much for the information. So would this be Navajo? Also what would be a guess on value for the bracelet? I really appreciate your insight.

Yes, Navajo made. The value is going to depend a lot on the materials. Can you give me the size of the stone, that will help me guess a carat weight.

The stone is 1.25" tall and between 0.75" and 1" wide. It is just under 0.25" deep.

Stone seemed bigger than that from the image. I would think $225 - $275. Hope this helps.