Bright blue stone

Unmarked ring, sterling, looks like a cheaper tourist piece, workmanship is alright but what is really puzzling me is the stone, it is a bright blue with white spots, I tried acetone on it thinking it may be a colored stone, but there was no color transfer from the stone.

This is real turquoise. Most likely a piece of stabilized turquoise that came into this world very light. Once the stone is treated it hardens and darkens the color. Just shows some of the lighter parts of the stone.


Thank you, I really like the color, just never seen turquoise so bright before so had a hard time believing it was real turquoise, stabilized or otherwise. I find a lot of unmarked pieces, and have only recently begun trying to find out more about them.

Thanks. Just saved me a post. I have a ring and bracelet with similar turquoise.

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