Bright blue turquoise vintage cuff

I’ve had this little bracelet for years and have always wondered what type of turquoise is in it. It is such a bright shiny blue with almost no matrix. I did find sterling and two other marks stamped on the band but can’t decipher them. The cuff weights 24g and the turquoise is roughly a 5/8” circle. I’m guessing it dates from the 60-70’s and possibly Blue Gem.
Now that I’ve finished speculating, would you knowledgeable people please help. Looking for age, type of turquoise and approximate value.
I want to come to New Mexico so it’s time to part with a few things I don’t wear. Then I will be able to shop more. Lol. Thanks for the help!

Can you tell me what that looks like on the upper right part of the stone. Is it a clear and you can see the rest of the stone below it, is it rough?

There are three chips that are in the darker blue area. The brownish area is smooth and somewhat translucent. I am adding more pictures. One has a speck that looks white but that is a reflection. There is no white.

The last picture (other than the tiny white speck) is the best representation. Thanks

Jason, I added some pictures to my original post. Maybe they will help. The side with the chips seems to be thinner that the other side. Looks like some backing showing at the top of the bezel.
Can you also give me an idea of age and value. Thanks.

I have included some images of Blue Gem Turquoise. You will notice that your stones have a similar color and characteristics, especially the small round one. It just takes seeing this stuff over and over to see the little differences. I think your stone is a piece of stabilized turquoise, maybe something like Turquoise Mountain.

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Thanks for your help as always. I look forward to having the chance to visit NM and see lots of turquoise. Hands on is always the best teacher, however, I appreciate the pictures since I’m having to learn from them in the meanwhile.