Broke my back scratcher so I made one


lmao…way cool
been thinking about re using some of my gator claws.
oh,wait-that’s “repurposing” in today’s vocabulary,right?


Repurposing works for me although it didn’t cross my mind. I was simply trying to cure an itch and got carried away in the process. I have an old coffee can about 3/4 full of small tumbled turquoise stones. They’ve been sitting on a shelf in my tool room for 25 - 30 yrs at least. Thought it was time to…(wait for it)…“repurpose” some. I’m up with the times…how groovy can a hip guy be?


just starting my coffee dosage today when I had an inspiration for you…know those bear pawprint designs? snagged a necklace & earrings ($20) to re-use & saw one stuck on the working end of your new tool!
had to snort a laugh

Ha! Ha! I hope you avoided the dreaded nasal siphon or even worse the “I’m sorry honey, is that a new blouse?” fireman’s soak. Surprise laughter while holding and drinking any beverage is as risky as breakfast gets IMHO.
I promised myself I would keep busy after I retired but I never in a million years would have guessed I’d be carving spoons and back scratcher’s and convincing myself it’s exercise. I’ll use a line from another Ohio musician. “Life’s Been Good To Me So Far.”

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