Buckle Silver Large Stone Turquoise Type and Value?

I recently aquired this. The silver is very thick, heavy. Turquoise appears polished at l east. Any ideas on value? Turquoise Type would be great! Any thoughts good or bad, Please, your time is very appreciated.
Thanks, Jonny D.

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Obviously I got who made it. What I need help on very badly is if possible…ideas of Turquoise origins I need help very much. Best To All

I have never met this artist, but we see a lot of his work come through the store. The pieces always seem to have a good look and some nice rocks. I would call this a piece of Morenci and the stone looks like it could be heavy. It is difficult to do carat weight after a stone is set, but this looks like it would easily be over 100 carats. Turquoise is expensive and seems to keep going up. I imagine if we had this in the shop it would be around $750 - $900, a lot of that due to the stone. Hope this helps and thanks for sharing.

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Thanks again, you made my day. W. Padilla is the artist I believe. As u say, I to see lots of online work. It is as u say very heavy, silver and stone. Setting is raised up a bit unusual. I appriciate you identifying the Tourquise. The stone & weight of stone was completely unknown to me, great info.