Buyer Beware Online

Your example made me laugh in commiseration. One time at our local US post office I was trying to return an item. I didn’t have packing tape at home, and asked the lady if they had some I could use. She read me the riot act about how they have to pay for it, and I should have had my own. I kept myself from reminding her that I PAY FOR HER TAPE with my taxes, and I said I’d take my package home and buy some. She grudgingly gave me some tape. Grrrrr.


It’s not a person @chamekke , it’s the system that is set up. The watchmaker said to send it labeled parts with zero value. I was not going to send a $15k watch anywhere without insurance. And that’s where the issue is. In all of canadas infinite wisdom if I insured it for that they would hit the watchmaker for VAT on $15k. Hence, I would have to use one of their “agents” for a large fee of course. Nope, to blazes with them. If I were closer I would have just worn the watch over the border and delivered it to him. :stuck_out_tongue: Just another government bleeding citizens because they can’t improve infrastructure.

It’s too bad. I worked with oil & gas folks out of Calgary for 10 years. They were the greatest people to work with.


Thank you for explaining, @StevesTrail . I agree, that’s just appalling. I’m sorry you went through that. So infuriating.

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I’ve have bought a number of things from international sellers and have never had to pay any duties at all.

Depends on the factors I mentioned, especially item price (and brand), and service of delivery.