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Hi folks,
I am the director of a small arts and culture nonprofit called the Cortez Cultural Center. I’m planning on heading down to Gallup and Zuni in a few weeks to connect with artists and hopefully buy some things for our gift shop and gallery. I would love to get some advice on the best ways to purchase wholesale from trading posts and directly from tribal artisans for resale in our little gift shop and art gallery in Cortez, Colorado. Profits from sales help us reach our mission of increasing cultural awareness, promoting the arts, and educating about the history, diversity and natural environment of Southwest Colorado. Any thoughts, suggestions, artist recommendations, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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Gallup is a wholesale town, you will just need to have your business information so you can be set up with the companies you plan to deal with. Buying direct is a little more tricky, those are relationships that you need to make. Gallup doesn’t have a market where artisans are set up for selling and most of the items you find being sold at local restaurants is not what you are looking for.


I don’t know if this is still true, but when I lived in Chinle, AZ, many Navajo Craftsman would set up on the overlooks around Canyon De Chelly.
Some would sell either retail or wholesale.

@Jason Is there no longer the huge flea market in Gallup? When I was there it was loaded with many craftsman who were selling their jewelry.

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Don’t know about Canyon de Chelly, but do know that the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation has had the canyon closed for a considerable amount of time so things will not be as usual. The flea market has reopened and is on Saturdays.


Somewhat good news. That was a great flea market.

So do you mean roads by the Canyon de Chelly are closed, or just access to the canyon for those who do not live in the canyon?

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I’m not sure about all of Canyon De Chelly, however being a National Park I imagine the drive around the rim at least is open. But many of the National Park visitor centers are still mostly closed even though a lot of them have their gift shops open (my nephew is the park superintendent at Colorado National Monument).

We were out there in late July and some of the Navajo parks were just opened (like 4 corners), but I don’t know if many vendors were set up like usual. I imagine you could call the parks directly and ask them. We did visit and shop at Toadlena Trading Post on the rez.

Great advice! Thank you!

I just heard that 4 Corners NM is open and at 50% capacity for vendors.

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