Cameron Trading Post did not let me down

@Ziacat I will tell him!

Also, I just saw this, you might be interested!
Here is a short article in a local magazine about Anthony Lovato.


Thank you! So interesting; a “living treasure!”


Since I mentioned that the Cameron Trading Post Hotel looks out on the red rock high desert of the Navajo Reservation, I thought I would add this picture (I just got around to uploading the photos from my for real camera into the computer).

This is right from the hotel parking lot. One unit of rooms looks out at this view. Was kind of wishing we had one of those rooms, but I also enjoyed looking out over the gardens. This hotel is one of my all-time favorites, and I highly recommend staying there if any of you are ever in the area. You can shop, eat, sleep and enjoy the view all in one place! And then drive a beautiful route (my fav) to the east entrance of the Grand Canyon.

And yes, this is right on the wonderful highway A89 :grin: