Can any experts authenticate these rings I have? Are they good turquoise/silver?

The bigger stone was bought at a powwow in OK and the flower cluster was from an online source /// are these legit??

I couldn’t find the hallmarks so far, sorry! Others might have better resources.

Long ring is interesting. Color and smoky matrix looks a lot like Bisbee. Cluster ring looks like off shore production. MM cut Turquoise looks real/treated.


I’m glad you weighed in on this. I was thinking that I liked the top stone. And even though the cluster one is pretty, there was something about it that seemed slightly off. Maybe just the nizhoni hallmark. Like it was something overseas trying to copy something Navajo by using the word.


Thank y’all for the info! The cluster came from nizhonitraders, it seemed like a legit sited based out of AZ, jus wanted to make sure before I made another purchase.

The bigger stone was around $200, and I was thinking bisbee too :sob::sob: I’m so lucky if that’s the case omg

Interesting. I have seen Nizhoni Traders online, although don’t really know much about them (because I don’t really buy much jewelry online). I wonder if they have their own line of jewelry? What did they say about the ring?

Said it is Kingman turquoise! Navajo tribe affiliation

Interesting. It does look like it could be Kingman, and that’s one of the most prolific mines, so that makes sense. I’m just puzzled by the stamp Nizhoni. I wonder if they hire Navajos to make jewelry under their name. I tried to see if I could find that out if they have a shop mark, but I had no luck. Hopefully someone on this forum will have had experience with them.

lol, gotta always check your voice texting. My phone changed Nizhoni to his homie :rofl:

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