Can anyone help identify the artist who made my Navajo cuff?

It’s a large cuff with large Turq. and red coral stones. Hall mark just says “Navajo” “NE” The N and E are conjoined. It is the first piece I have ever owned and any information would be greatly appreciated
Thank you
Ed S

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/c928708811108c866008529116b105131f3da4fe.jpg">

Well, thanks for all the help. I guess I’ll just melt it for the sterling since there is no interest

Hello, thanks for sharing. This bracelet is Navajo made and from the picture it looks to be rough shape. Maybe the best thing would be to melt it down. It is branch coral and turquoise. I am not familiar with the hallmark.

Oh, do not melt - repair :smile: It is likely made by Charlotte Eustace [she shares her mark with her husband Nelson] - it is definitely her style and the time line is right as it looks like a 70’s piece. It could be beautiful again with the right smith. Thank you so much for sharing it; it has much potential.