Can anyone help identify this mark?

Hi, hoping someone can help identify the marking on this massive turquoise cuff bracelet.

Thanks, Brian

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not 100% sure on this one but here’s what the book shows

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Hey Steve thanks for the reply. I saw that one just not 100% convinced but I see the slight similarities. I added a close up photo to see the mark better. Thanks again.

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Nope. That’s not the work nor the mark of Beauford Dawahoya, who created high-quality and characteristically Hopi overlay work. Which this isn’t.

And now my stump speech: The look and manufacture of the work itself always, always rules in or rules out any published hallmark identification. If a source shows a similar hallmark, it cannot be conclusive if the object doesn’t fit with that known maker’s production.

Sorry, no further intel on it.


Thanks for your input.

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