Can anyone help me ID ring?

I think it is Navajo due to the amount of silver & the weight. Also the stone is sounded by a triangle setting that I see a lot in Navajo. It is also marked with letters, possibly initials which is more likely Navajo. not sure though???

I think it may be Kingman Turquoise because an engraving says: “Kingman Stamp”??? The turquoise is rough or natural appearing with silver like nuggets and what looks like gray stone almost cement gray in color.

It is marked with letters RD or I RD ???

It has the mark: TB 764 or T 13764???

I think it is antique???

Also how do I go about getting Native Jewelry Certified?


It looks Navajo made, the turquoise looks like classic Kingman. The etching on the back is different, appears to be a numbering system, appears to be same style as the initials RD, not sure if this means it was made for a shop or catalog company. Thanks for sharing.