Can anyone help out on where this turquoise came from and what the stamps mean?

I received this ring as a gift from my aunt. She has had it for awhile. I noticed three stamps on the inside and was wondering if anyone could help out on what they mean? The best I can make out is (the copyright symble)8ARSE-THAT-925. They are very worn and hard to see so it may very a little. The THAT could be THAI. So it could be from Thailand and the 925 would be the silver rating. Does this make since to anyone?

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if you could add a picture that would help, thanks.

Sorry, I was having problems attaching the images. Thanks

The ring is silver, .925. It is a casted ring shank, not handmade. The stone looks to be a piece of compressed, pieces of real turquoise pressed together. I imagine the other stamp indicates it was manufactured in Thailand.

Thank You Jason