Can anyone identify hallmark on this beauty?

This large, heavy bolo tie is sure a beauty. Hoping someone out in the web world knows the artist who used this hallmark. Similar bolo ties are out there, but this hallmark was not identified. Thanks so much for your time. Very kind of you all to do this.

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H. Boyd signs exactly the same way (Placement of Arrows and Sterling), except where Made in America is. There he places his hallmark, H. Boyd without what I think are mountains. Could this be a shop he worked for or his first hallmark? He is well known for his bolo tie work. I will bet that this is his…but how do we prove it? Any thoughts?
Good luck.

Thank you so much for info. I did do more research, but still not sure about maker. i did find one on ebay with same hallmark, but seller did not specify maker. Thank you again for your help.