Can anyone identify the turquoise in this bolo?

Have been wondering about the turquoise in this bolo for a while. Had a customer comment on it a couple of years ago and I asked him his opinion. He replied that it was a nice piece but that he was a geologist and not an expert on turquoise identification.
I bought it because it had a similar chain design to the Bisbee bracelet I posted a while back. Also because the turquoise was lovely. The design and the Bennett clasp on the back lead me to believe that it has some age. There is no visible hallmark. It is 2” long by 1 1/2”wide.
I would truly appreciate any identification and value that you can provide.
Thanks for all of the help!

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I would call this Kingman Turquoise, has some pyrite and quartz which are some characteristics of the mine. Your bolo does have some age, 1970s - 80s. I would estimate around $120 - $150. Thanks for sharing.


I agree with Jason that it looks like Kingman. I am not an expert by any means but my favorite turquoise is Kingman and the first piece I bought in the early 70’s was a large Kingman piece along with others over the years. It’s my understanding, according to the owners of a gallery in Santa Fe I visited last year, that the Kingman from the 70’s and 80’s was richer in color whereas the newer mined turquoise is not as rich in color. It is still beautiful. Just a bit different. Love your bolo.

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Thank you for the info. I wish I could just hang out in the middle of piles of turquoise until I learned my way through.

Thanks for your assessment. I’m learning as I go. Mostly I buy pieces that call me and then do research on the artist and the turquoise. The big problem is that I like too much! Thanks again.

Same here, although I do have some favorite silversmiths. Otherwise I just buy what I love.

Just not in my budget to buy EVERYTHING I love…rats!

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I can relate. I’d be really dangerous if I had money. Lol