Can anyone identify the type of turquoise this is?

This bracelet weighs 134 grams! I don’t know what kind of turquoise the stone is. I thought it was Manassa, but I’m not completely sure. A few people have said they think it’s Chinese turquoise, but it doesn’t match up with the same texture, with the gold/brown and darker areas. It is signed M. Spencer, am hoping it’s Mark Spencer, but anyways if anyone has any idea please let me know.

Thanks for sharing. I would call this Chinese turquoise. I couldn’t find the exact pattern but have seen many pieces of Chinese with this look.

Most likely this is piece work. A trader supplies the heavy wires and big stone for the silversmith. I found a reference to a Mark and Michael Spencer for this hallmark, another reason to believe it is piece work. You can tell the piece is nicely made. Many times a trader will employ a silversmith for years because he does nice work, like this. The silversmith gets all the work he can handle from the trader, doesn’t ever make pieces for himself to sell to different traders. That is why we don’t have much information, just not enough exposure created by having pieces in many different places.