Can anyone identify this artist? Jade Squash Blossom set

This is my first post with questions about a piece and it isn’t even turquoise!
I bought this for my wife a year ago, from an estate liquidation company. It came
out of an estate sale in Beverly Hills California. Necklace, bracelet and ring.
The stones were listed as jadeite, although they may be only nephrite jade. I have
only seen one other squash blossom necklace where jade was used, so it is akind of
odd piece. Written on the back as seen in the attached photos is Jack Begay Artist
Age 63 and some pawn codes. Has anyone heard of a Jack Begay and if so when he
produced his jewelry? I am trying to get an idea on the age of this piece, Oh and maybe
a value? Thank you Mark


Thank you for sharing. We get stones from around the world that we use in jewelry, so even though jade being uncommon it still looks beautiful in Navajo silver. I would date this necklace circa 1980s. Having Jake Begay written on the back of the naja really doesn’t mean anything. The necklace looks like it has never been worn and is in really good shape. I imagine if we had this here in the store it would be around $900. Hope this helps.

Thanks Jason for the information. It is one of my wife’s favorites. I realize that the info on the back is only written but hoped that the pawn shop that had it put what they knew about the piece on there.