Can anyone tell me anything about these silver and turquoise pill boxes?

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The first one is from Iguala (city), GRO is for the Guerrero(state) CDU would be the artist.

Second looks south mexico, not sure

last one is a Taxco mark, T for Taxco, Mexico, N for the first letter of the last name of the artist, and the number is their registration number (51st person to register as a silversmith from the Taxco region, whose last name begins with N)

I would guess all to be no older than mid 50s and no newer than late 70s

Thanks for your help! There’s actually 4 total would you happen to know anything about the one in the third picture from the top? There isn’t any markings on it. Also, do you have any idea what the value of these are?

Oops I missed that, 3rd one looks more NA style, are there any markings on it ?

No, it doesn’t have any markings.

I will leave that for others to look at, I deal with a lot of Mexican silver, but just trying to learn the rest right now.

Thanks, do you have any idea of the value of the other 3?

i typpically put them in the $40-$80 range when i sell them, if you can nail down the artist name they can be more. i would probably put the first two at 60 in my shop and try for 80-100 on the last one. I have always done pretty well with the little snuff boxes

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