Can anyone tell me anything about this pin?

I bought this at the same auction as the piece I asked about earlier. Any ideas are much appreciated. Also, what are some good books on identifying styles of different Nations. I’m obviously a neophyte but am very interested in learning everything I can. As always, thanking you in advance for your time and patience from this newbie.


Hey again!

We generally call this style of pin “Fred Harvey” Era. It is most likely made of sterling silver, with a turquoise cabochon mounted on the front. Without going into a history lesson, many different people & tribes created Fred Harvey jewelry. They are usually not attributed to a specific tribe, because it may not necessarily be native- made. That does not impact collectibility or value though. These style pins were generally made from 1900 until 1955, but some Fred Harvey establishments remained operative until the 70’s. I would say this piece falls somewhere in the 1950’s.

Bigbree43- As always, thank you for your knowledge and your willingness to part with it. I’m finding some great reading on Fred Harvey, thanks to you. You’re very kind to take the time to help out a fledgling novice. You are much appreciated. Thanks again,

Dan- I suspect you haven’t heard the last of me.

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Keep em coming! Lol!!!