Can anyone tell me anything about this watch band?

My mother found it at a garage sale and bought it but wants to know more about it. I haven’t been able to find any local jewellers who can help her with it. She’s planning to give it as a gift to my 5 year old grandson if it is just costume in nature. If not, she will hold on to it.

These are Zuni handmade, I use to see these often, but haven’t in a longtime. Not sure if this artist is still making them.

On the back is etched “I S” and below that is “ZUNI”. What is the I S for?

The link takes you to the page where another is listed, the name is Isabel Simplicio.

Nice tips! Keepers for sure! They are not costume or fake and I would hold them for the boy until he is old enough to appreciate them. For an idea on how much they are worth google the artist name followed by watch tips.