Can anyone tell me the Maker "CCT" and what kind of Turquoise?

Hi (again);

While driving back to Ohio from California, I found this beautiful ring in a small native-owned shop east of Durango. I can’t seem to post it here but it’s a large, perfect circle of turquoise encased in sterling, with 4 hashmarks which (I think) represent the four winds. I could be wrong. I’m no expert but I love the ring. It is marked CCT. I have seen this mark while looking for the artist today but nothing on the artist. I’m assuming it is Navajo. Does anyone know anything about CCT? Thank you. Bonus question: Can you please identify the Turquoise? Thanks


Hello, the artist is Chez or Clayton Tsosie. He has an instagram Acct Tsosie’s Originals.

I love his work and have several of his pieces.