Can someone identify this hallmark and piece?

I am trying to find out the maker on the large purple piece. It has a stacked KB on the back and the word sterling. Also, what kind of stone would it be? (sorry that the picture uploaded upside down.) Thanks,


I think this might be Mojave Purple turquoise. That’s a dyed turquoise that is sold by the Kingman mine.

Or the stone could be Charolite

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From what I researched maybe charoite or sugalite. But I’m also really interested if anyone knows that hallmark. I’ve looked at Kenneth Begay and Kennetj Bitsie and it’s not the same as their markings that I’ve seen. So I’m wondering if someone has seen the stacked KB before and knows who it might be. I believe it’s fairly vintage. The beads were quite tarnished when I got it and I cleaned them up quite a bit.

I think of this stone as a piece of sugilite, charoite has a little different look. I couldn’t find this hallmark to associate a name. Both Kenneth Begay and Kenneth Bitsie’s work I am familiar with and this would not either artists.

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I have been looking at their work and I didn’t think it was Bitsie’s style for sure. But I could see it in some of the Begay styles that I found . . . . until I read that Sugilite was not used until the late 70’s and Kenneth Begay died in 77. So I believe that knocks him out too.