Can’t find anything about the artist

I’ve had this cuff for years, inherited it, along with several others from my mom. I recently came upon it again while cleaning and saw that it is signed…I can’t find anything about the artist, or even a signature example.
I’m think it could be any of the following:
J. Kesy
J. Kery
J. Hery
J. Hesy

Can anyone help? Or maybe I’m reading it wrong.
Also, does anyone know if it’s Navajo, Hopi, etc and

the approximate value?
Nature Turquoise (not stabilized) with what I believe to be a Calico matrix (please correct me if I’m wrong) and it’s definitely real silver!

Thank you!!


Welcome to the forum! I see from your profile you live in Indy; I’m a fellow Hoosier from Fort Wayne. Have you visited the Eiteljorg Museum of Western Art in downtown Indy? If you haven’t, go! They host an amazing Native Art Market last weekend of June where you can shop and talk to the native artists and learn a lot.

I believe your piece is Navajo. I’ll see what I can find about your hallmark, although my resources are limited compared to some of the other members on this site. The museum I mentioned has some great books on Native art if you ever get to visit their gift shop. Maybe Kingman on the stone? Hopefully others will chime in!


Well hi fellow Indy friend! I hope you’re having a good day so far! Thank you SO MUCH!! Tons of good information!

I have been to the Eiteljorg BUT not in several years…I didn’t know they did an event like that, I will def be checking it out for sure! I live right outside of downtown so it’ll def be something I’ll attend! Thank you!
(The Indiana State Museum downtown hosts a “Geo-fest” every year that my 2 kids and I go to and LOVE! If you haven’t gone, you should check it out!)

About the cuff, I was leaning towards Navajo, as well, but I’m not super well versed in the field! As for the stone, I was thinking either Morenci or Kingsman too! However, I came to that conclusion only from comparing to pictures online so what do I know? lol it does have several different shades of brown and gold…if that helps!

Do you by chance know what something like this would approximately appraise for?

Thank you again!!

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I also have this piece that I would like more info on, if you want to check it out!

This also came from my mom, she acquired both of them before I was born (I’m 32)

However, everything I can find online about this piece (that look nearly identical) seem to be mass produced with the exception of a few…

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Glad to be of (some) help. I just googled their Art Market and it appears they are having it this year live, YAY! The last 2 years it’s been virtual only.

As far as your first cuff, I couldn’t see if the stone had any pyrite in it, which can be indicative of Morenci. Again I’m no expert. Your second one is a pretty cuff, but it does look like it might be mass produced. That doesn’t mean it’s not still pretty and fun to wear!

I haven’t had any luck with the Hallmark, but I haven’t spent the $ yet to buy some of the best books that have artists bios (except one on Hopi jewelry).

I’ll have to check out the Geo fest, sounds fun!


Could the last name be King? I would look for jewelry for possible artist names then compare styles.


That’s funny you say that because I was thinking that earlier and did a little digging but couldn’t come up with anything online… :cry: thank you!!

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Ohhh awesome!!! I’ll def be looking into that!! It sounds like a lot of fun and educational!

Geofest is a blast! They have lots of vendors set up as well!

Thank you for all your information and time! I really appreciate it!

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I found someone to appraise it online, they said it is Navajo, most likely Morenci and would be appraised for around $250-300! They couldn’t tell me about the artist though, sadly.

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I have a similar bracelet to your bear paw, shadowbox one.
Purchased from @christobo

Maybe he can shed some light on yours.


Thank you!!! They are super pretty pieces!!