Can you help me with my Necklace real or fake?

Hi there, I have this Necklace it’s been hanging on my jewellery stand I decided to look into it and I hadn’t a clue about fetish Necklaces could this be fake or real? Really appreciate some help.

Thanks for sharing, I wouldn’t call this Zuni made.


Oh right thanks , I emailed a native American jewellery shop with photos asking for a opinion and they said it was Zuni.:thinking::face_with_monocle::+1:

Yeah, we see lots of Zuni fetish necklaces and buy directly from a handful of Zuni artists who make these pieces. I respect their opinion, it is always a difficult call from an image. Do you mind me asking where this shop is located?

You now know where not to shop. :neutral_face:

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Hey, it’s it’s a shop that is on the kings road, Chelsea, london established 1987.
I just wanted some help not for people to be rude about it.

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That link is informative: evidently they sell authentic items and also misattributed/question mark things.

I know the shop wildeones in London they buy direct from the artists. They have been in operation for over 25 years… so if you bought this from them its a genuine item. I have never ever seen them sell copies. Normally they know the artists that carved them.

@Amber1 Cannot agree as a blanket approval. Naturally, we’re all free to use our judgment and experience and spend accordingly.

Only one example: Zuni handcrafted?

I have to agree with you about that ring. I have not been to london since 2017 .but they used to only sell genuine items but i notice they have moved into other goods too. So maybe not as good as they used to be how sad.They ride on a name that was known for genuine items .best place to go the states and the native indian craft market in Scottsdale normally around March.

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