Can you help with info on my Squash Blossom?

I acquired this beautiful necklace and earring set when my grandmother passed away a couple years ago. I am very new to Native American jewelry and have been trying to learn more about this piece online. It is very heavy and has a beautiful braiding and what appears to be rising (or setting?) suns around the turquoise pieces. I am not able to find an artist signature. Can you help me identify where this piece may have come from? The age of this piece? The significance or meaning of the suns?
I took this piece into a local jeweler and they weren’t able to give me information on it other than it appears authentic.
Thank you in advance!


@Shelly. This is a gorgeous set of jewelry! It looks authentic to me, too. My guess is 1970s era. The earrings are wonderful. I don’t often see squash blossom earrings paired with turquoise.


1970s - 1980s. Very nice.


It’s going to be very difficult to ID a maker without a hallmark. I don’t believe these stamps have any particular meaning (i.e. rising suns).

I have a pair of old squash blossom earrings (with turquoise), but no necklace :grin: so you are lucky to have both!

And in case you didn’t know, this appears to be Navajo work.


Did the earrings come with the squash? They actually look quite a bit different.


I am not sure. I inherited them together as a set. It looks like the same sun rise mark on them, but I do see how the rest of it appears different, so I’m not sure!

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I do see a somewhat similar mark on the earrings, but it’s not around the stone. And that’s a pretty common type stamp mark; I have something very similar on a couple pieces. Also there appears to be a little circle between each of the stamps on your earrings, which I don’t see on the necklace. So I’m not 100% sure these are by the same artist. Or at least not made at the same time. But who knows :person_shrugging:

Funny you called them sunrises, to me they always look like eyes closed with eyelashes :laughing:

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Haha they totally look like eyelashes!

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@Shelly What a wonderful gift from your grandmother. You will always have her with you when you wear it.


Welcome to the forum Shelly! I love the way you see designs in the jewelry. Very nice set from your grandmother.

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