Can you identify this stone? Authentic turquoise?

Hi! Hopefully I can get some answers. I got this necklace from my mom as a birthday gift a few years ago. She told me she purposely sought out turquoise and came upon this necklace.
I’ve had friends look at it, one said it’s dyed howlite (however, she called my actual dyed howlite earrings ‘Real turquoise’), another friend said it is real turquoise, it just has a lot of flaws.
Any info is welcome! Thank you!

It can always be very difficult to pick up the true characteristics of a stone from a picture. It does not appear to be turquoise, but it definitely looks to be a real material.

From the image it seems to have some translucent qualities? I found some Peruvian opal that has similarities,

This is what your friend talked about,…0…1.1.64.psy-ab…2.20.2571…0i67k1j0i8i30k1.PtMxGUMiTmk

It has a very nice look and your mom got it for you as a gift, wear it and look beautiful. If someone asks, tell them I am not exactly sure, but aren’t they beautiful.

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Thank you for your time and kind words. It is quite a beautiful necklace :slight_smile:

Those Peruvian opals are also very pretty!

Thanks again