Can you safely clean a jet heishi necklace?

I found this three strand heishi necklace and I’m wondering how I can clean it. Any suggestions? I was going to restring it but the closure isn’t what I expected with the little extra beads and I can not really see how the threads are secured, so I think I’ll leave that like it is for now.


Why do you want to clean it? Do you mean polish the silver or clean the heishi themselves? Unless it has something spilled on it that I can’t see in the pictures, I would just leave it alone. The risk of breaking something is to great.

Thanks so much. It’s not new so I was wondering if I could wipe it down a bit. Thanks again :smiley:

Use cotton swabs if you have any and just warm water. You have to be careful you don’t put to much strain on the thread. Most heishi is strung on thread, anything else is to stiff. If you want the silver polished use a proper silver polishing cloth and again be careful. Do not use chemicals of any sort, not even soap.
Hope this helps.


Thanks so much. I really appreciate it :grin: