Can you tell me about this mark? Indian head and initials unclear

This is a pin/pendant with a abalone inlay on silver. I looked and looked and can’t find this mark.

Hello, can you please provide a picture of the other side, thank you.

That is not old pawn or Native American work. That is Taxco, Mexico Sterling. I cant really make out the letters in the middle, but the eagle mark 3 tells me it is from before 1980. If you can make a good guess on the letters I can try and look it up for you.

this is exactly how the letters look. I photographed it to enlarge and try to make it out, but it’s difficult with the stamp done the way it is.

There is this one too.

Both are Definitely Taxco Mexican Silver. First one is circa 1948 -1979. Eagle mark three was used by many silversmiths. I would place a value on these between 40 to 60 dollars if sold at retail. If you do a google image search you will find these aplenty. If you would like more background history and some examples check out

I have some very similar ones on my Etsy shop if you would like to examine them.

Thank you very much! You certainly answered my questions. I’ll definitely check out the links. Best wishes!