Can you tell me if this rock is real turquoise?

I purchased this rock at a high end estate sale. I am hoping it is real turquoise. There are blue crystal like stones inside rock. Please help🙏🏼


So you have a large conglomeration of about 3 main minerals plus others that make up the small other percentage here which is really a nice example of how one mineral can encapsulate and grow on the surface of another. The turquoise colored one has decided to grow and encapsulate the entire exposed surface of the drusy surface (crystal surface)and is some sort of copper/cupric mineral…but to say it’s any certain cupric mineral is going a little too far since we can’t see it or test it through the photos. The drusy crystals that are squarish and pointy seem to be a calcitic or quartz type that may or may not have a darker bluish color is the second mineral and then the third looks to be a dark green calcitic/quartzish matrix that everything was formed on…it’s a very nice specimen worth having a mineralogist look at to identify it for you and they do hold slot of value🤩 let us know what it is if you decide to go further and get it analyzed.
thanks for sharing!


The color and crystal formation reminds me of some if the Amazonite that we find here in Colorado

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That is known as a pseudomorph