Can you unstabilize turquoise?

Also need help identifying mark. Navajo work. What do you guys think of stone? It looks like it had black pits and was filled with light brown filler? Is it stabilized turquoise? I’m not sure I like it, but it has good weight to it. What do you you think of necklace overall?.


Wow you are right. It looks like someone smeared paint into some of the gaps and wiped it off. Some of the tans look natural. I would not do anything with it until you know the artist for sure and its value. Yes, those look like hand soldered “bench beads”. Kyle


Exactly! Like they thought somehow that would be better than natural pitting.

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There are two ways I stabilize turquoise. One is a three part epoxy resin that activates upon evaporation of the vehicle ( you can do this one in your home shop. no equipment needed). The other method works under a vacuum and activates with heat. (equipment needed) Other companies use resins under pressure and heat to impregnate every microscopic void in the stone. Once these are in place it is not possible to remove it without destroying the stone. I would be scared to try to remove the filler in your stone. it would probably result in a mess. If it were done by the artist, roll with it as unique! Hope this helps, Kyle