Cannot seem to identify hallmarks on heavy cuff bracelet

For as much information as this cuff gives me, I cannot figure anything out. Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile: signed Lincoln, T.L. Hallmark, and BGM hallmark

Hey Linds,
You probably already did this, but in case you didn’t, scroll to the bottom of the 'B’s… #24 unidentified mark BGN… It looks A LOT like your BGM mark.

Beautiful piece, btw!

BGM is for B.G. Mudd, he is a manufacturer here in Gallup. The silver is casted and a Navajo artist will do the inlay work. You can find B.G. Mudd pieces in lots of places, airports, Grand Canyon gift shop. I don’t know if Lincoln is an artist last name that had something to do with making the piece, I assume he/she did and marked the piece. Thanks for sharing.

I also have a BG Mudd bracelet that is about 18 years old. Well loved and worn often! I sent them a photo (through their website) and they returned my inquiry with an approximate value. They may be able to tell you about the other ‘Lincoln’ hallmark/stamp. They were very friendly and helpful. Might give that a try.