Canyon Del Muerto: Coming Soon!

I really don’t want to start the book until I see the movie, but I’m feeling an urge to start this adventure…


I’m about to give up on seeing this film. It is not available anywhere. I even emailed the production company, but no response.

I saw this movie during our film festival and if you don’t get the chance to see it, don’t worry. The idea of the film and the content is amazing, the execution falls a little flat.

I remember that you saw it. Disappointing to hear your impression of the end result. Still, the subject matter is better than most of the movies coming out today.

There has been more chatter about this movie on the internet lately. The title has been changed to its English translation, Canyon of the Dead. Release date: 2024

There is a movie teaser on Tom Felton’s Instagram: Canyon of the Dead Teaser | Simply Tom Felton

And here is the official movie poster.


Well, that was just a tiny teaser! But it looks good with beautiful scenery.

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I’m hoping for a good docudrama without a lot of explosions, feats no human could endure, murders, martial arts, etc. But then there go the modern ratings. The upshot is that it will be available sooner on DVD. :grin:

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