Carico Lake or what?

Hi everyone, still on the hunt for green (preferably lime) Carico Lake turquoise. Saw this ring for sale and thought maybe?? What do you think? Also, how can I tell true green Carico from the wannabes like some Royston & Kingman, Sonoran Gold and other green spider web stones? Also, any suggestions on where to locate some nice cabs or rings with my favorite turquoise? Thanks in advance. You guys provide great info and advice.

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Carico Lake, Sonoran Gold, Damele, Variscite? It is hard, I am leaning toward variscite on your stone.


Thanks Jason, I appreciate the pics and the leads.

Love that Clay Canyon variscite!

"In my shop you will find some of the highest quality turquoise cabochons and jewelry available on the web today. ALL of the turquoise I offer for sale is 100% Natural with NO treatments or enhancements of any kind.

If you fabricate in silver or gold, why not put gem quality turquoise in your settings. The setting is what it is, but the stone enhances the value of your work by commanding a higher price.

The Turquoise I sell came from the best mines in the Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico, USA. Most of these mines are now closed. If you know turquoise you will see by my inventory that I only offer Gem Quality stones.
If you are a collector of Carico Lake, King’s Manassa, Royston, Bisbee, Battle Mountain Blue Gem, Sleeping Beauty, Number eight, Kingman, Damele, Pixie, Fox, McGinness, Ajax, Morenci, turquoise and more you will be glad you stopped by."

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Thanks for the referral, Steve. Going there right now to check it out!