Caring for MOP in NA inlaid jewelry

Several inlaid Zuni pieces of jewelry I own have MOP in them. I have read that MOP can yellow with age.
None of my NA jewelry has shown that, I keep them in a closed jewelry, inside a soft cloth bag. Is this the best care?
ver thought about this until yesterday when I bought an older early 20th century non NA cameo reversed painted on MOP yesterday. The color is what drew me to it and I just thought it was from a shell in a different part of the world. Now I wonder if it is turning yellow as the article I just read said.
This is what I mean:

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Don’t know the answer to the question but love the pin.

No care is necessary for mother of pearl inlay in Zuni jewelry other than avoiding impact and contact with chemicals/polish. Soft untreated cloth sounds good.

Thanks. I never saw one like it before. I think as the WWII generation are downsizing or passing away, European and NA jewelry from their travels from the 40s-80s are coming up for sale.

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Thank you.What great advice.